Sex Coach Liz Hunter sits on the rocks looking peaceful gazing into the camera. She's living living her best life, sexually empowered, turned on, radiant.


Liz Hunter Coaching


About me:

"I help you find your voice and reclaim your pleasure, so you can step out of the bedroom and into the world fully connected to your authentically human behaviour."

My name is Elizabeth, and just a few years ago I was where you are now. I loved sex, but felt completely at the mercy of the ‘skill-level’ of my partners. As an excited young feminist I loved the idea of being selfish in the bedroom, of asking for what you want and demanding nothing less than that. But whenever a partner asked me… I realised I had no idea what I truly wanted, what truly made me tick. 

I was disconnected from my body, my felt sense, and I had no idea just how much more pleasure was available to me. 

But then..



My intensive, 1:1 coaching program, tailored to your needs and desires. Lets reconnect to what makes us authentically human... 

Facilitating at the Odessa Tantra Festival, May 2024,, photo by Inspired by Being Michel Kasper


With regular Temples and Playfight workshops on the horizon, there is much to look forward to! Stay up to date on the latest by joining my Telegram Broadcast Channel.


Knowing what it is you desire is the first step in creating a life lived in a state of turn-on. Follow the link below to book your free 45 minute desire mapping session. Your chance o uncover your desires and find out more about working with me! 

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