Upcoming events

You'll be able to catch me at a variety of different events this year! Read below to learn more about the events and workshops I'll be organising myself, and spaces I'll be assisting and/or facilitating. I can't wait to meet you in person!

Every other month throughout 2024: Temple of Offerance

Born out of our shared desire for Temple spaces with more emphasis on ritual and consecration, Martine and I have created a container where we go beyond connection. Here we come together as a collective to offer up our life force energy to something greater than ourselves. Want to stay up to date and be the first to learn when tickets go for sale? Subscribe to our joint Telegram Broadcast group

June 12-16 2024: Tantric Joy Festival

As a part of the Emotional Support team you can run into me throughout the festival. I love this queer-friendly festival that truly feels like a big welcoming family. Will I see you there

Throughout 2024: Authentic Play - Play Fighting and Beyond!

Unleash your playful self and forge deeper connections with others in this transformative workshop.
Play is a human behaviour that transcends all culture and time. Somehow, we tend to forget our innate ability to play as we age. But it's no coincidence that PLAY is a key element in a child's learning curve - through play we can learn so much about ourselves and others, and unlock pleasure like never before! Subscribe to my Telegram Broadcast group to be the first to know about new dates.

September 25 - 29 2024: Our Temple, by Denise, Lexmy & Femke

This is Our Temple. Our home. Our sanctuary of creation & liberation. Where the wild is born, where spirit moves you, where freedom reigns.

I'll be joining the team for this amazing event in a French Chateau. Expect workshops, expect rituals, expect FUN! Find more information on Hipsy